Kasatmata - Chapter 2


Chapter 2 Into the Quantum

Demo Version

Languange : Full English + Full Indonesia

"They are intense in their emotions, desires, expressions, or simply the sense of “presence” which they give off."


*WARNING! It contains SPOILER from Chapter 1*


Kasatmata - Chapter 2 begins during the crisis of the Onrust Island where the doctors from

Second Sciel Society (S.S.S) are recruiting adult and children from the Blackmoon Orphanage infected with

a mysterious sickness that caused its victims to bleed to death. A little girl named Citra joined the group,

attracted by their promises of a cure for the disease before it starts spreading through the entire island.
Eventually, Citra and one of her friend were able to escape to the surface upon discovering

they were taken to the basement of an old mansion, to be used in a bizzare experiment. During her attempt

to escape from her pursuers, Citra figures out all the happenings on that island along with the reason

Second Sciel Society recruiting people. The happenings where surprising and full of twists.

Meanwhile, at the outskirt of the village, Satria joins a heavily armed 13-man special police squad,

including Lieutenant Garuda, for a raid on a secret laboratory called "The Quantum". They come to the island

to catch Professor Indigo, the mad scientist behind these strange experiments.




You'll control three characters during the gameplay : Satria, Bima & Garuda.

You can switch the characters by a phone call.

Now there are more twisted creatures who will hunt you down, any choice of action by the player

during the crucial scenes may cause various consequences.

In the beginning of the game, most of all of the weapons are handgun/revolver type,

making them effective against fast creatures in the dark, later you'll find heavier firearms

like shotgun to face the bosses.

You'll still find 5 different endings, each holds different conclusion from one another,

the good ones bring you a revelation and the bad ones will bring up more questions.

The game's average playtime ranges from 2 ~ 3 hours to reach the good endings.

Brave Meter is the only attribute you have to watch over during the exploration.

It will vary and determine the amount of fear effects you may withstand. Lower Brave Meter also means

you'll see more supernatural phenomena before your eyes.





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