Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs


Extended Version

Languange : English / Bahasa Indonesia

Radian F Projects.



A simple action-RPG, similar to such classic as

and The Legend of Zelda, only with more MMORPG elements. Such as a job/class system,

a main quest, sub-quests and a more free-roaming-style RPG.




This story centers on the journey of formerly high ranked military commander,

Eiriou Finhrouced, who attempted to kill a member of the Epsylian Council, and became

the nation's most wanted criminal. He believes the council may be hatching a plot called Reservoir

to take control over the continent of Reigeia.

Meanwhile, his brother, Prince Seive X.Dalradvent, heir to the throne, disappears

and is suspected of being a traitor who is scheming to bring about a chaotic revolution at Gerrand,

the capital city of Epsylia, codenamed Revelation.

All the while, the nine symbols of peace -the ancient Elmsh Weapons- are disappearing one by one.

Rumors abound that they were taken by a shapeshifter demon. Regardless of how true such rumors are,

fear of what would occur if they all disappear is prevalent throughout the six kingdoms of Reigeia.

This is a story of two Wind Swordsmen, Seive and Eiriou, two fugitives on their separate paths

to put an end into Reservoir and overcome the awakened mythical power that lies beyond...





  • 3 GAME MODES ( Normal Mode, God Mode, and Hellgate Mode! )

  • 30~50 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY ( A great journey in Reigeia! )

  • ACTION BATTLE SYSTEM ( No random encounters, fight all enemies on the map! )

  • 7 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS ( 4 Main Characters, and 3 Side Characters to play! )

  • 30 UNIQUE JOBS/CLASSES ( 7 Basic Class, 13 Advance Class, 9 Legion Class, and 1 Secret Class to choose! )

  • 300+ DIFFERENT SKILLS ( Personal Skills, Class Skills, Talent, Special Skills! )

  • 600+ PIECES OF EQUIPMENTS ( Hundreds weapons and armors to collect! )

  • 140+ VARIOUS MONSTERS ( Beat them all and become a legendary warrior! )

  • 40+ VARIOUS QUESTS ( There are many side-quest all over the continent! )

  • ALIGNMENT SYSTEM ( Be a good hero or a bad guy, It's your choice! )

  • DAY AND NIGHT SYSTEM ( People sleep and shops are closed at night, so plan accordingly! )

  • STORAGE SYSTEM ( Keep or leave your items in a vault! Your inventory is limited, so be wise! )

  • 6 FACTIONS, 4 ALTERNATE ENDINGS ( Help/ignore people to add faction points and decide your ending! )

  • OPEN WORLD - FREE ROAMING ( Feel free to explore the continent! )

  • HOME DECORATING ( Buy a house or a villa, and some additional furniture! )

  • FARMING ( Buy seeds and grow crops for more cash! )

  • CRAFTING ( Create your own items and weapons! )

  • COOKING ( Cook your food and discover new recipes! )

  • FISHING ( Sail the sea or find a fishing spot to get items and fish! )

  • CHAMPION ARENA ( Test your might and be the champion! )


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