The Three Visions


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Radian F Projects.




A fast paced RPG with Chrono Trigger-like Battle Systems and "3 x 3" concepts.





Three thousand years ago there was a great war between the three Clans of the Demon World.

Lucifer and his Diablos Legion had almost won the war, but somebody from the Daegon Clan

appeared, and stood up against the entire legion, supernaturally undefeated. His name was Lapans.

Later he claimed the Fire Throne and conquered the Demon World.

Three thousand years later...

Three great heroes are destined to save the Kingdom of Trilands from the evil Demon King, Lapans,

who wants to destroy the Mortal World for fun, indeed an evil-stupid plan of total destruction.

But in the final dungeon, the heroes are defeated easily. It's strange, since the fate does the opposite of what

the prophecy told the humans to believe : the destined heroes will prevail, no matter how strong the villain is.

This questionable "destined-but-failed" issue will be investigated by the Demon King himself, Lapans.




Easy Leveling, Intense Battle

You can build your skills & attributes without level-grinding. It's pretty easy to reach the maximum level

for each character. Your victory throughout the battles will be determined by strategy, runes and how

fast your reaction and determination.

Fast paced Story with plot twist

You'll have a crucial decision making and moral dilemma response that will affect the gameplay

and the ending you'll get at the end of the game. Also there's a peripeteia when you reach a certain point

in the game.


The 3 x 3 Concept


3 Main Characters, 3 Main Quest, 3 Side Quests, 3 Different Endings, 3 Worlds, 3 Towns, 3 Fields,

3 Dungeons, 3 Secret Areas, 3 category of items with 3 items per category,  3 Swords for each character

with 3 upgrades, 3 Weapon Fusions, 3 Magic Schools with 3 Elements, 3 Levels Runes, 3 Synthesizers,

3 x 3 areas with 3 x 3 tiles per area, and the other 3s...

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